Thursday, November 15, 2007

Adoption, Diffusion, Implementation, and Institutionalization of Instructional Innovations - Resistance

Three of the main forms of resistance to innovation as stated by Pajo and Wallace in their paper "Barriers to the uptake of web-based technology by university teachers" were "personal barriers," attitudinal barriers," and "organizational barriers." Although the Pajo and Wallace study focused on Web-based learning, these classifications can also be used for new technology in general as well. Also although resistance can also be classified or categorized in different ways, this seems like a good way of diving them to me.
  • Personal barriers can vary very greatly among individuals. This can be anything from the simple lack of computer experience to the simple fact that the individual just does not have time to use the new technology. In particular personal barriers deal with issues that are based on an individuals time, effort, and skills required to use the new technology.
  • Attitudinal barriers can also vary from individual to individual, but this classification has a broader scope because it deals with philosophical and affective concerns in the individual. If an individual thinks that a new-piece of technology is going to put them out of a job, they are probably very unlikely to want to use or even learn to use it. This can also be said of a perceived inadequacy in the a new technology. If someone believes that the new technology will not work then they are most likely not to use it.
  • Organizational barriers are issues that deal with the support and encouragement of the new technology. This can include lack of technical support, lack of recognition for usage, inappropriate hardware or software, and lack of value for the technology.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hello and Welcome

This is my EDIT 451 blog. I will be updating it weekly with my reflections on the course content.

I am a Computer Science Master's student at CSULA and I am in the process of finishing up my thesis, but I am very interested in Education and in particular Intructional Design & Technology.